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Continuous Knowledge Update

Books related to hour three business domains

Nanjing International Bookmall

All our knowledge is aging very fast - with a continuous shorter "half-life periode of knowledge". For your information how we keep or knowledge up to date, you can find in these section a collection of book recommendations for the three main domain areas of our business activities:

- Management - Leadership - Organisation

- China

- Technology - IT - Computer Science - Communications

We share these informations about the relevant literature and provide you also with pfd Files which you can download in the different areas of interrest.

We appreciate also ideas and hints about interesting new books to the mentioned topics.

Experience @Innovation

Your areas of interests

Management Books The different literature about management reflects actual trends of management in different times. HOLISTIC management approaches for SUSTAINABLE results.

Books about China The following list of books is a selection helped me a lot during my seven years stay in China for working and living better to understand the people and the country there.

Technical Books The prepared list of recommended books is a selection of technical books available in our labs. We try to our technical knowledge base as actual as this possible in our dynamic world.

Singular inconspicuous - Together colorful visible

Last Update / Change 07.08.2011.