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SieITMCi Siebenhofer.Consulting e.U.
Christkindlweg 8
A-4400 STEYR

Owner and Legal Representative


Company Registration - Business License

Landesgericht Steyr, Firmenbuch Nr. FN 345117a

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Additional Remark: SieITMCi dont store any personal data collecting from this website. For statistical analysis about the website access we use Google Analytics.

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Disclaimer according E-Commerce Gesetz (ECG)

Informations according to (Austrian Law) 5 ECG and according 25 MedienG.

Please follow this link: Informationen zu E-Commerce und Mediengesetz

General Terms and Conditions (AGB)

Our contracts will be based on Austrian Law; in case of no other written clause is signed in a contract, for the relevant business segments we will use the following terms and conditions (AGB):

Services of our Consulting Engineering: AGB_ConsEng_2006_E.pdf [32 KB]

Services of our IT-Consulting/Services: AGB_SW_D_E_2004.pdf [43 KB]

Services of our Management Consulting: AGB_UB_2006E.pdf [100 KB]

Trade Marks

SieITMCi is registered as European Community Trade Mark - No 009083312

Copyrights for Pictures

For all pictures and download files on this website Rudolf Siebenhofer, SieITMCi, has the copyright. For all used Links, Logos or pctures in Bookreviews the relevant contracts are in place or under preparation with the copyright owners.

For the pictures used in the Section "Asia as Chance" the copyright owner is Godany who granted us the usage.


We have checked all used links on this webside carefully and could not see any law violation on it. For the content presented there the publisher of this contant is responsible. In case of any complain or law violations of such links we will delete links immediately.

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