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Archive 2011 old "News"

Here you can see all News from the last year:

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

We wish all our customers, friends, partners and colleagues a merry Christmas and a happy New Year and all the best wishes for 2011.

Genarl Assemply of cooppse

The first general assemly of coopPSE - Verein für Informationstechnologie (Association for Information Technology) will take place on Thursday, January 27th 2011 in Vienna.

Details see here:

Participation on the AWO-Forum: China's Economy

China's infrastructure projects - opportunities and challenges

In no other country you can see such a dynamic economic development than in China. Actual information’s about the new 12th five years plan presented by representatives of the the Chinese Government will be given during the

AWO-Forum: Economic power China on 26th January 2011 in Vienna,

where SieITMCi will participate also.

The awaited speakers let expect interesting information’s.

Euro - Yuan exchange rate on 25.1.2011 16:00

The dynamic of the Chinese market can be seen during the last month also by the changes of the currency exchange rates - an important factor in the China business.

We keep our China know-how actual for consulting our customers!

training update for consulting engineers

Training actual

Against the "Half-life periode" of knowledge

We keep our knowledge actual. Therefore SieITMCi participates the Seminar "New EG directives and standards for the CE-Declarations. Applications of the related most important European Community Directives - who is responsible for what" organized by the IC Academy on February 1st 2011 in Linz.

We keep our know-how actual for our customers.

Season Greetings for Chinese New Year

Today we wish especially our business partners, our colleagues and friends in China and from China a Happy Chinese New Year of the rabbit.

Much happiness, health and wealth.

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

And a special thanks the Nanjing Folk Orchestra for their wonderful music.

training update for consulting engineers

Training actual

Against the "Half-life periode" of knowledge

We keep our knowledge actual. Therefore SieITMCi participates the Seminar "Risks Analysis in Practice. Analyzing, evaluating and define and implement risk preventions." organized by the IC Academy on February 1st 2011 in Linz.

We keep our know-how actual for our customers.

Partner contract as official "To Date Partner"

Content Management System for Internet Solutions

SieITMCi expand its portfolio and offers since March 1st 2011 solutions as "official to date Partner" of Data Becker for the products "web to date" and "shop to date". Based on this partner contract we can offer our customers cost effective internet solutions. And when we talk about internet solutions its much more than "Web site design"!

See more about our concepts for empowering our customers in an enhanced Internet and Web Support.

Germany Day of the Export Center OOE

An Initiative of the Export Center Öberösterreich

SieITMCi use the offer of the Export Center of the WKO (Chamber of Commerce) and participates the "Germany Day 2011" on March 7th 2011 in Linz.

As always we expect from these conference with its innovative program and workshops helpful informations for our business in Germany.

Media Article about my "Seven Years in China"

Newspaper DiePresse 2011-05-03

The newspaper DiePresse reported 2011-05-03 to the topic "Working Abroad" about my experiences in China from 2003-2010.

More detailled informations about that and hints for China you can read in my CHINA-Special pages and at DiePresse Online.

"OUR WORLD 2.0 ..." Conference of AWO in Vienna

Prominent Speaker at INNOVATION Conference

Michael SCHRAGE, Director at MIT, Center for Digital Business

Hot topics of the future will be addressed during the AWO conference opening the MIT Europe conference on Wednesday, March 22nd in Vienna. Especially by the announced title "Innovation in a Networked World".

SieITMCi participate this conference, because that topics will have a big influence on the ways of working and management in the future.

Security Forum 2011 in Hagenberg

The (7th) Security Forum 2011, organized by the Association for the improvement of digital security (Verein zur Förderung der digitalen Sicherheit), the "Hagenberg Kreis", let expext also this year interesting topics and discussions based on the excellent Program.

SieITMCi will participate the conference as the security topics are THE "Mission Critical" key areas in the domain of IT-Consulting and IT-Services nowadays.

Lecture at Univesity of appl. science Wr.Neustadt

SieITMCi will give a speech during the Open Lectutre at the Univerity for applied Science Wiener Neustadt on May 4th 2011: Seven years living and working in China - Experiences, Opportunities and Risks.

Especially the question will be analyzed: "Do we have to be afraid about our future as high-tech economy in front of China - what can we in Austria do?"

21st MicroTOOL User Conference in Berlin May 11-12

Hot-Topic of the 21. microTOOL User Conference

Market introduction of the new objectiF Requirements-Modeller

SieITMCi participates the 21st microTOOL user conference May 11-12th in Berlin. During the two days conference again new products for increasing the productivity in software engineering and supporting IT Project Management (like the new objectiF Requirement modeler) will be intruduced.

The conference also is a platform for discussions and experience sharing of objectiF and in-Step product users (see also our Blog entry from April 12th 2011).

Workshop "Intercultural Conflict Management"


Intercultural Conflict Management

"OUR WORLD 2.0 ..." Conference of AWO in Vienna In our globalized world in many companies and project teams people with a different cultural background are working together. Where people are working together, there are conflicts arising. One key element of intercultural competences (SieITMCi offers also trainings to improve the intercultural competences) is how to manage conflicts in such an environment.
Therefore SieITMCi participates these Workshop of WKO Oberösterreich.

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