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SieITMCi by order of a Top Customer on CRTS China

"Motor" of the Economic Prosperity in China: Railw

More than 7.500 km Highspeed Railway under construction until 2015

The Railway Industry is one of the key factors of the actual economic prosperity in China. Have been 2006 0 (!) km High-speed Railway Network in use, in 2010 already 8.354 km have been constructed and in 2015 there will be 16.000 (!) km in use. (Source: Dr. Andesner, AWO Forum China, 26.1.2011)

One of our top customers from the European railway industry assigned SieITMCi to participate the CRTS China 2011, one of the biggest exhibitions and fairs for the railway industry in Asia from August 23rd – 25th 2011.

SieITMCi is for the customers at the right time on the right place. - Experience@Innovation

SieITMCi Lecture - "China Know-How 2011" Shanghai

FUDAN University Shanghai

Eurasia Pacific Summerschool, Photo September 2010

As since 2006 the 6th time Rudolf Siebenhofer, SieITMCi again is assigned to deliver a lecture at the course “China Know-how 2011” of the Eurasia-Pacific UNINET Summer school (“Modern China Studies for Scientists and Economists”) at the FUDAN University in Shanghai. Beside the topics of Management in China this year also on the agenda: Austria as high-tech country and China.

The lecture is based on management experiences in China between 2003 and 2010. (see also in Part CHINA SPECIAL)

The lecture take place on 31st August and September 6th 2011 and offers also this year again the opportunity to exchange and share experiences.

Last Update / Change 07.08.2011.