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Internet Appearance Support

Our Concept - A Comprehensive Approach

We see our service not just as website developers or website designers, we follow a comprehensive approach to support the internet appearance of our customers.

Our first focus we have in mind, is to understand the business model and the philosophy of our customers in the consulting process and based on that we develop a tailored communication strategy for the internet appearance of our customers. This holistic focus on all messages the customer want to transport by his internet appearance is much more important than just the graphical design of the website. In this process we accompany our customer during the whole life cycle of the internet appearance from the first ideas to the go-life (Consulting), we provide the customer also with the required software and other resources (Providing) and we accompany the customer and train them during all phases of implementation, rollout and maintenance of the internet appearance (Monitoring).

This process model, Consulting, Providing, Monitoring, SieITMCi has developed together with coopPSE - Association for Information Technology.

The website is fully under control of the customer

Our approach guarantees, that the customer doesn't run into dependencies from the creator/vendor of the website and we empower the customer to be able independently maintain the structure and content of the website cost effective in-house and independent.

CMS System Web to date 7.0

Flexible, powerful and simple to use

This our concept we realize by using a cost effective Content Management System (CMC) which has an excellent balance of enough flexibility for the customer’s requirements on the one side and is easy to use on the other side. Additional we train the customer's team to learn the usage of the system effectively.
We create a initial version of the internet appearance based on first interviews and information’s we get, train the customer and on demand we can support also during the maintenance phase (e.g. for special structural changes or the introduction of new functionality) For us it’s a target to empower the customer that he can update the content of the internet appearance based on information’s coming from the daily operation by himself, even not be an IT-expert.

Technical and Legal correctness

Supporting our customers one of our main target is the overall quality of the internet appearance. And this is much more than just a fancy graphic design.

W3C Validations

Error free HTML and CSS based solutions

We ensure the created websites pass the relevant quality checks and W3C validations and support our customers also for the legally wise to be considered topics of the internet appearance. (For this we recommend professional law experts in our network of partners)

Interesting to see in the internet how many websites don’t pass even the basic W3C validation checks and are full of bugs and how many websites violate against the basic legal requirements. (Details and real life examples we can show you on request.)

Internet Appearance - Analysis of Usage

The best internet appearance is worthless if not be seen and not noticed from the market and the customer don’t know who has seen and used his website when and from where and how the tendency of usage is developing.

Usage Statistics

Many toolsets available

We support our customers also in optimizing their appearance in search engines (SEO) and train the customers for the usage of the most common analysis tools and configure the internet appearance for the necessary prerequisites.
By this we want to empower our customers to be able during daily operation of their websites to be able independent getting the actual statistical data about the website usage.

Project Process and Costs

For the typical timeline of such projects based on our approach you can download the presentation from the download link beside. On demand we will consult you also to find the right hosting provider or support you to get the right internet domain.

SieITMCi as "to date Partner"

Based on our "to date" sales partnership in our solutions for customers we prefer to use the product "Web to date 7.0" and affiliated products as Content Management System. We also have the competences to modify the relevant designs and templates of this product for customer specific requirements.
Information’s about our "to date" partnership with Data Becker you can find here: "News" / "Archive 2011".

Last Update / Change 07.08.2011.