Our Service Offerings in Details

In this section we have collected all descriptions of our Service Offerings. The information’s you can download also as pdf files.

We will tailor the described services specifically based on your requirements and demands.

The costs mentioned in the descriptions are for your orientation.


Description of Services

Services of our China Consulting: sieitmci_portfolio_01_con_01_china.pdf
Low-Cost Software Engineering in China: sieitmci_portfolio_02_it_01_china.pdf
BSC (Balanced Score Card) Introduction: sieitmci_portfolio_03_con_02_bsc_int.pdf
Project Start Workshop / Projekt Experience Workshop: sieitmci_portfolio_04_it_02_pews.pdf
Support People CMM Introduction: sieitmci_portfolio_05_con_03_p_cmm.pdf
Fundamentals of SYSTEMIC Dthinking in Management: sieitmci_portfolio_07_sysm_d.pdf
Extended Project Management Training: schulungskonzept_systemischesprojektmanagement.pdf
Internet presence support (including Website Development): sieitmci_firmenprofil_internetauftrittsupport_.pdf
Support CE-Declaration / Conformity documernts: sieitmci_portfolio_09_ce_sup_d.pdf
MindMap introduction and practical training: sieitmci_portfolio_10_mindmap_d.pdf

(The pdf files will be provided in English soon)

Our portfolio is continuously under development and will be updated. In addition to our own portfolio we also offer the portfolio of our partners in our network. For more information’s please contact us.

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